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Friday, 26 October 2012

Pulau Ketam ♥ You & Me

I think most of the couple will discuss and plan about "what to do?" and "where to go?". Sometime when both parties have totally run of the end will be just stay at home =,= For me & Mr Dinosaur, we have ♥ Our Wish List it have listed down the place that we wanna go ermmmm...should say as the place that I wanna go. *oppsss~*  

Few months ago, I told Mr Dinosaur about I feel like going to island like Pulau Pangkor or Langkawi then he suggested maybe we can go to the nearest island---Pulau Ketam. I never been to Pulau Ketam before so I am so excited!!! (I always got excited when Mr Dinosaur said to bring me out LOL) 

We didn't drive to Port Klang so we take KTM ~   I seldom take public transport so this is the another reason why I got so excited!!! LOL 


Ermmm...What to do in the train??? O.o 
Snap lot of picha for sure!  

Of course, we are not kept snap picha in the train. We also listen to song and even sing out loud but what song we singing??? Guess~Guess~Guess~ *I bet you will give us a facepalm* We are singing .... SPONGE SQUARE PANTS! SPONGE SQUARE PANTS! SPONGE SQUARE PANTS! And..and and we also watching....

Tom & Jerry!!

Here is the boat 's time table for going to Pulau Ketam  

Yes! WE REACH! Before I going to Pulau Ketam, I told one of friend that I will be going to Pulau Ketam then he told me that Pulau Ketam is just a name they don't really have KETAM. But I found a lot of Ketam here LOL~~~ 




Mr Dinosaur: Wah! I don't know how to read =p

Me: Let me call the fireman to read for us LOL

Dish 1 

♥ Dish 2 

♥ Dish 3 

♥ Dish 4 

This is crazy! We ordered 4 dishes and it is TOO MUCH for two person (even my boyfriend is a dinosaur) We should just order one plate of crab hmmmmmm..... After our lunch, we just directly go back to KL because it is not much of thing to do in Pulau Ketam (but we still have fun here ^,^)  In the boat, Mr Dinosaur kept called me to take this picha.... 

because he said that is a .....


totally FACEPALM @,@

♥ So, have you been to Pulau Ketam before? And how was your experience there?   

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