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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Horror Spirits | Genting Theme Park

Oh~yeah! Is Halloween!!! Do you heard about the Genting Halloween Horror Spirits Event that having in the Genting Outdoor Theme  Park. It have different zone which is Horror Circus, Horror Village, The Bridge of  Helplessness, Hospital Hallway Spirits and Horror Movie Night. It really made me wanted to go in and have a look desperately. And I went to Genting twice just for this!!!

The first time, when we there it was already closed (because it close at 11.00 pm) so went home with sour face. ='{ But we took a lot of picha on that day so let me show you some of the pichasss. =}

It was really a random plan and he never prepare anything so he just in his T-shirt, short pants and sandals. 

With a passerby monster LOL 



♥ Hi~My Choo Choo Dinosaur 

♥ Second 

The second time, we try to book online but failed so thinking to try our luck and hope there will not be too crowded *IMPOSSIBLE*. We reached Genting around 7.00pm but there is already very crowded and everyone was lining up for enter the theme park. It was really crazy long queue and I don't ever know where is the end of the line so we decided that maybe we just walk around first and come back at 9 something to get our tickets. But how we spend this two hours???

Since their Snow World have just done the renovation and it looked much more nicer and fun so we  decided to spend one hour in the SNOW WORLD and shop for another one hour. =} Seriously, we really have so much fun in the Snow World and I damnly love the ♥ tubing slide ♥ !!  

♥ With my boy, cousin and sisters 

♥ MAX LOVE this picha  

Tic Tock Tic Tock and RINGGGGG~~~! Is almost 10.00 pm, time to go and buy our tickets for the Halloween Horror Spirits Event.

Guess what??? The ticket SOLD OUT!!! Yes, is SOLD OUT. *thunder and storm on my head* We stood next to the exit area and suddenly a aunty came over and told us about....

Aunty: "the tickets is really worth the price and everything inside is awesome!"

Us: "We wanna go in but the ticket was sold out."

Aunty: "Maybe you can take our ticket because we booked earlier online"

Us: (WHAT??? I stunned !!!) "Aunty, are you serious?"

Aunty: "Is okay. Just take it."

PS: I think the aunty really saw the storm and thunder on my head LOL ♥ Toughing and thank a lot to this lovely aunty 

♥ Our group photo of the day 

♥ Tadangggg~~~here is the end of my post. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Pulau Ketam ♥ You & Me

I think most of the couple will discuss and plan about "what to do?" and "where to go?". Sometime when both parties have totally run of the end will be just stay at home =,= For me & Mr Dinosaur, we have ♥ Our Wish List it have listed down the place that we wanna go ermmmm...should say as the place that I wanna go. *oppsss~*  

Few months ago, I told Mr Dinosaur about I feel like going to island like Pulau Pangkor or Langkawi then he suggested maybe we can go to the nearest island---Pulau Ketam. I never been to Pulau Ketam before so I am so excited!!! (I always got excited when Mr Dinosaur said to bring me out LOL) 

We didn't drive to Port Klang so we take KTM ~   I seldom take public transport so this is the another reason why I got so excited!!! LOL 


Ermmm...What to do in the train??? O.o 
Snap lot of picha for sure!  

Of course, we are not kept snap picha in the train. We also listen to song and even sing out loud but what song we singing??? Guess~Guess~Guess~ *I bet you will give us a facepalm* We are singing .... SPONGE SQUARE PANTS! SPONGE SQUARE PANTS! SPONGE SQUARE PANTS! And..and and we also watching....

Tom & Jerry!!

Here is the boat 's time table for going to Pulau Ketam  

Yes! WE REACH! Before I going to Pulau Ketam, I told one of friend that I will be going to Pulau Ketam then he told me that Pulau Ketam is just a name they don't really have KETAM. But I found a lot of Ketam here LOL~~~ 




Mr Dinosaur: Wah! I don't know how to read =p

Me: Let me call the fireman to read for us LOL

Dish 1 

♥ Dish 2 

♥ Dish 3 

♥ Dish 4 

This is crazy! We ordered 4 dishes and it is TOO MUCH for two person (even my boyfriend is a dinosaur) We should just order one plate of crab hmmmmmm..... After our lunch, we just directly go back to KL because it is not much of thing to do in Pulau Ketam (but we still have fun here ^,^)  In the boat, Mr Dinosaur kept called me to take this picha.... 

because he said that is a .....


totally FACEPALM @,@

♥ So, have you been to Pulau Ketam before? And how was your experience there?   

Friday, 19 October 2012

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Wulalala~~~is Friday!!! What is your plan on this weekend??? And what are you doing now??? Still sitting in the office and looking at the clock??? Let just play a relaxing and happy song for celebrate 6.oo p.m is coming soon!! By the way, I was listening to these~~~ 

Super love ♥ Chris Madin's voice ♥ Wish all of you have a nice weekend ya!!! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kristyle's 21st Birthday @ JADE HILL

Do anyone hear about Jade Hills Country Club before? It is located at Kajang and a really good place for holding event. Because last week, I have been invited by my course mate  Kristyle  to attend her sweet  21st Birthday Celebration at Jade Hills Country Club. So, let my picture tell you how was the venue look like! =}

The swimming pool

Kristyle's birthday party is just beside the swimming pool!!!  And we are all discussing about how to make her take off her shoes and pass us her phone then push her to the pool!!! *evil laugh*  So I came out with this idea: I going to ask her to take photo with me, the first picha will be take with her phone (so her phone will be on my hand) then will be group photo with camera and PUSH HER TO THE POOL!!! LOL PS: When you plan to have a pool side party, you must  prepare as much as clothes for change because your friends already think about to push you to the pool when you invited them. 

♥ Me with Kristyle 

♥ Group photo 1 

hmmmm...she started to worry and suspected on this and that LOL

but so sad....

WE SUCCESS IN THE END!!!*sorry Kristyle~hiak hiak*

Once again, Happy Birthday to Kristyle!  For more picture of Jade Hills Country Club can log on to Jade Hills Country Club Kajang Malaysia and if you are thinking to plan an event to hold in Jade Hills Country Club can kindly send a e-mail to

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Date with a Dinosaur ♥

This post was in my draft list for some days and now finally done typing..hehehe 

Finally, Mr Dinosaur is free to go for a date with me *EXICITED* because he have been busy with his assignments for a long long long long time. Today, we planned to go and watch Paranorman at Midvalley in the early morning because it only leave few shows in certain cinema. So, what to do after our movie???hmmm....have our brunch at Angelic Tea and Scone House!!!

Since last few months, I have been kept saying with Mr Dinosaur about I want to go for the vintage style cafe which named   Angelic Tea and Scone House and it is located at Plaza Damas, Taman Sri Hartamas.

We LOST!!! I think here is somewhere at Hartamas and my GPS not working at this time plus BATTERY RUNNING OUT!!! *OMG* But luckily, my GPS not really "that hate" me and it work after we   come out from the junction hehehe....

Weeee~~Here at Plaza Hartamas! So where is the tea house??? Where??? We looking for the tea house for more than one hour but the tea house seen like  not "exist" any more *bang wall* =,= Because we tried to called the shop's phone no. but no one pick up, stand in front a shop which is have the same address with Angelic Tea and Scone House. 0.o *TRAGEDY*

No more Angelic Tea and Scone House but we replaced it with San Terri Cottage.  

♥ Our Cakessss 

♥ Smile 

During the dinner time, we actually went to the Burger Lab (all the way from Taman Sri Hartamas to PJ) but it was CLOSED today LOL LOL LOL  *TRAGEDY AGAIN*